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Radio commentator and President of Main Street Radio Network, Jane Silk, expands her daily presence into a weekly show simply entitled, JANE. Currently a regular commentator with the Silk Summary on the Alan Nathan Show Monday thru Friday, Jane will be additionally hosting her own Saturday program from 12-1pm ET.

While her commentary profiles the “baddies” of politics, Jane’s Saturday show will concentrate more on the “buddies” of innovation. When asked what made her jump back into radio-hosting Jane said, “In the commentary, I so often combat what’s regrettable inside government. Now, I get to celebrate what’s possible outside government, and I get to do so by talking with folks who dream, create and then share how they do it.”

Starting November 23rd, 2013, JANE will air Saturday’s, 12-1pm ET on The Main Street Radio Network, and will be distributed by The Salem Radio Network to stations around the country. Stations can also access the program on a DELAYED basis by FTP, or via the state-of-the-art XDS satellite receiver. Additionally, streaming and podcasting shall be available.

Follow Jane on Twitter @JaneSilk

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