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Daily Shows

The Alan Nathan Show from 5-7pm (drivetime), 8-10pm, 2-4am (overnights), 6-7pm Saturdays,
3-4am Sundays ET.

Alan Nathan Alan Nathan

The Alan Nathan Show

Alan is the aggressive centrist who mercilessly attacks each party when they circumvent the Constitution - regardless of their alleged noble intentions. He feels that if this battle isn’t waged regularly, the rights of some will invariably exceed those of others. 

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“I have more fun with Alan Nathan than any other show!”
“Alan Nathan is the REAL voice of the ‘silent majority.’”

-- BILL SCHNEIDER, CNN Political Analyst

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Mon-Fri, 5-7pm / Sat 6-7pm show


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Weekend Shows



Radio commentator and President of Main Street Radio Network, Jane Silk, expands her daily presence into a weekly show simply entitled, JANE. Currently a regular commentator with the Silk Summary on the Alan Nathan Show Monday thru Friday, Jane will be additionally hosting her own Saturday program from 12-1pm ET.

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