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Silk Summary:
"Health Insurers warn Premiums could rise sharply". They already have for some and there are others who are told that they will go up even more!

So....how is Obamacare saving any of us any money? How is it saving or increasing jobs? Can we really afford the $6.2 Trillion long term debt of this botched law?

Silk Summary:
This is a perfect example of rushing to get a bill shoved down our throats so the lawmakers can have their name in lights!

There are SO many issues with Obamacare it is not funny. One by one a lot of these various provisions in the bill will be repealed as they either kill job growth, are not revenue neutral or they just cost way to much money to implement! So far the only individuals who are getting hurt here are the American taxpayer!
Read Article here...

Silk Summary:
Is this true? If so why are these shows so popular?
From the NY Times...

Silk Summary;
Our leaders in the Democratic Party had to rush the Dodd/Frank legislation through so fast that the bill should have been adjusted for some of the strangling regulations but also not enough protection against the very banks some of whom needed a bailout!

This is highway robbery, 300% rates for loans and is like the housing crisis. Giving loans to some who really can't afford ALL the fees.

Our government has gotten SO BIG that they don't even know where to start to police themselves!
From the Daily Beast...

Silk Summary:
As long as America has the highest corporate rate and rules and regulations I imagine we will see more of this not less! Candidates on both side have said we need tax reform. We are still waiting!
From Forbes...

Silk Summary:
Why? It's posturing! No one will follow the recommendations especially if they don't coincide with the organizers view! From Reuters..

Silk Summary:
Sure keep taking out on little kids the very cuts your team, your White House put into the bill! Maybe if you stop playing golf on the taxpayer dime the tours and the egg hunt could go on. The last golf outing cost taxpayers over $1 million and that was just a weekend. Afraid to add up all the other 100+ outings to see what you have cost the taxpayer. Maybe Obama should reimburse the treasury. After all no job comes with 100% perks and company paid holidays. Why should Obama reap something on our backs that we don't even receive?
From Politico...

Silk Summary:
At first I thought it was a study of our leaders on Capital Hill when they said chimpanzees, then I saw this headline "Team-player chimps may shed light on origins of human cooperation". From the LA Times...

Silk Summary:
"John Morton, director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Tuesday said that he could have asked Congress for flexibility to avoid having to release more than 2,000 immigrants back onto the streets ahead of the budget sequesters, but he decided the releases were a better option."
This man who should have gone to Congress just arbitrarily decides to release these illegals! What is this the Wild Wild West? From the Washhington Times...

Silk Summary:
Is this what hard working Americans have as a reward for re-electing Obama?
More here...

Silk Summary:

DEBT HITS $16,432,706,000,000.00
Details here

Silk Summary:
Seems that even though the lawmakers knew about this cliff way early last year they felt including the President that it was necessary to hide under the carpet until the last minute!

THE ONLY LOSERS HERE ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! [at least the portion of the population who gets the economics of these useless increases in taxes with no spending cuts and the fact this administration CAN NOT keep it's hands out of the American taxpayer's pocket!]

from CNS News

Silk Summary:
The avoidance to accountability is scary. How can this President EVER be taken seriously if he can't acknowledge what the rest of the world already knows. It was a terror attack on 9-11-12. 4 BRAVE AMERICANS DIED!

Can't get more real than that!

Silk Summary:
This below is EXACTLY what the problem with Washington is. Let's also throw in the Dodd/Frank Wall Street Regulation Bill that should have fixed this problem. Now you have a recipe for absolutely nothing worthwhile being fixed.

Only strangulating regulations that we shouldn't have in the banking business which does effect the mortgage business. Like a domino it goes on and on...
If government insist on handcuffing business then look forward to more bad economic news.... Read more...

Silk Summary:
This is why Gingrich is not the GOP nominee! To endorse a man like Akin and probably loose an important seat shows that Gingrich is old party establishment. He along with all his cronies/good ole friends need to be thrown out of Washington... not be voted to come here! Business Week story.

I don't know about the rest of you women out there but I am totally offended! Please tell my pocketbook that idiotic statement! Just about everything in our lives has had a price increase. Sorry for the turnip/blond and Iowa reference but did this dizzy,ditsy blond just get into Washington on the Turnip Express Truck from Iowa?

[note: please do not infer that what is written here is to infer that everyone with blond hair is dense or dumb. Also turnip roots are very handy in Chicken Soup. Check out the Poetic Gourmette for the recipe and of course the Great State of Iowa is just that!] From Real Clear Politics...

Silk Summary:
Mr. President is this all your campaign can come up with? He released his records. He paid/gave away 42%+ of the money he earned from investments he made that he ALREADY paid taxes on when he made the money! GEE, THE MATH AGAI N MR. PRESIDENT!

Shouldn't you be in front of the American people telling them why you still are hiding behind the unrest in the Middle East because of a film clip? Shouldn't you have released your Harvard transcripts? Shouldn't you being meeting with world leaders this week instead of fundraising and butt kissing on the View?

Shouldn't you be meeting with your Job's Council which you convened and have not met with since January of this year? Shouldn't you be worried about the debt ceiling, fiscal cliff and yeah the fact that this economy and your views on how a country should be run are starkly at odds!

Shouldn't you be consoling the family of Ambassador Stevens and the other Hero's who died with him on 9-11 2012 on American Soil oversea's by showing the American people some strength and leadership? Who's sorry now? From Newsday...

Silk Summary:
Overboard? How about out right LIES? Where is your anger Mr. President in our being attacked on September 11th in Libya? You said on September 12th in the Rose Garden after the attack "that Terrorism will not be tolerated by t he US". Well?

We/the rest of the world know it was a terror attack. Are you to worried about the next election to DEFEND AMERICANS HERE AND OVERSEAS? From Fox News...

Silk Summary:
Yeah right! She should leave this administration ASAP! Not doing wonders for her reputation especially in light of this Libya debacle! From the Chicago Tribune...

Silk Summary:
Another factoid! The only way you can truly decide if you are better off is if you have the facts. We are not as the facts bear it out!

In 2009 according to the IRS the Top 5% paid 65% of all income tax. [ the democrats would have you pay 100% so that the 50% who don't pay squat can keep sucking us dry!]

Last month over 43 million Americans had food stamps!

Are we really better off?

Silk Summary:
Last night at the DNC Convention it was said "WE BELONG TO GOVERNMENT"

For all of you who say your are a Democrats good for you. But if you believe that we all belong to the government then sadly you shouldn't live in this country! I belong to ME. Then my family. I don't now and never have and never will belong to Government!

Silk Summary:
Are we really better off today? This number is not coming down and it is only going up! Can we afford more?
Chicago Now

Silk Summary:

Silk Summary:
CONGRATS AMERICA, OR SHOULD I SAY PRESIDENT OBAMA? Seems this President is ALL about the firsts! Maybe Jimmy Carter can give Obama some advice on being added to the History books in the section where it says: DISMAL RECORD, FAILURE TO LEAD!

Silk Summary:
Finally a duo who get it! And no Medicare won't be dissolved. If anyone believes that then I suggest you count yourselves as the least informed, not interested in knowing and plainly lacking in common sense group. Not trying to offend just survive. This country is in the worst shape since the depression and we are not getting healthier. Obama said himself if he couldn't turn this around in his first term he doesn't deserve another. He's right. Time to vacate and give another team a shot. Sorry, don't think it can be worse then what we just have lived through but you can't live in fear all the time and the only way to move forward is to try something new and leave open possibilities!

Silk Summary:
Why not have done this before? There have been horrible shootings in this country during Obama's term. He had a choice to put back in place the gun bans that Bush let expired years ago. [especially in his first term] Could this be another attempt at pandering to a certain voter group? If you made promises the first time around why should the second time be different if they weren't fulfilled as promised? from Fox News

Silk Summary:
Wait, didn't the President say everyone will get insurance? Well, obviously, that is NOT true for some. The report says "Clearly, the consequences were unintended, but they leave open how the government and economy will handle the problem of 1% of Americans losing something they expected" Can't anyone in Washington ever tell like it is? They needed trickery to pass this law and now it isn't everything it was said to be! Does that surprise everyone? from Fox Business News

Silk Summary:
This article was from last year when some say we were in the height of our "depression". Not my words, VP Biden. It seems it has been sunny days at this White House since this administration took over. Some have the audacity to spend other people's money with no accountability and reckless disregard for the long haul.

One of the problems with Obama is that he has rushed, pushed and shoved laws down our throats the first 2 years that really choked the life out of this economy. Now, he wants to continue down the same path with even more taxes and less accountability. Who lives without a budget?

This President hasn't signed a budget or purposed one that would allow any nation to survive. [even his own party defeated the President’s attempts]
So, for that we should reward him with another 4 years? If he wins again, we're the ones from another planet.
From Gawker.com

Silk Summary:
Because each side has to be right and win, we the taxpayer are always the loser.
This election clear messages should be sent. Again, how much is to much?
From the Washington Post

Silk Summary:
This time the President has some explaining to do. Don't think many people took it out of context. I listened to it with various folks and all had the same thing to say. "Did the President just really say that"?
Now it is damage control. Lately the President has made some statements that his camp would love to walk back. The problem this time you can't spin it, whirl it or make it sound other than what it really was! A dumb comment and gift for the GOP. From the LA Times

Silk Summary:
This is such horse dung! I can't believe they are bringing up this same tired excuse. Have they forgotten that they [the Democrats] had control of both chambers and the White House the first two years of this administration. If they don't like what they heck they did, buyers remorse has expired!

Stop blaming the very people who give jobs and who are the biggest employer of the people. Small business! They are not all wealthy. And anyway, who decides what is wealthy. Does anyone take into consideration geographic's? Detroit News

Silk Summary:
Is everyone deaf in the White House? Sorry, but we all know Congress, the government DON'T create jobs! The private sector does that! Just loosen some of these new STRANGLING regulations, reform the tax code you have been talking about but never have done and maybe you will see some change. Oh yeah, let health insurance companies cross state lines so we the people can truly get affordable healthcare on OUR TERMS!

It has been shown time and time again, when you take government out of something, it performs much better! Government is there to oversee the federal laws so that state and local government have guidelines and keep on the straight and narrow. But when you have the federal government creating unsustainable regulations, anti-business laws/penalties you will most likely see a contraction! Basically everyone wants the same thing. The real question is how do we get our leaders out of the SAND BOX and into COMPROMISE CORNER?
Read article from Rueters.

Silk Summary:
The Obama campaign has little to talk about. What about the Reverend Wright. Were we...are we...to believe that Obama didn't hear any negative and racist surmons by his own Pastor for over 20 years. The same man who married him. William Ayers. Tony Rezko (See link below) Obama said he didn't really know. Not really the truth. We could go on an on. Wouldn't you rather hear about the ideas Obama has for getting us out of this horrible mess we are in? Link to ABC News.

Silk Summary:
Finally a good decision from the Supreme Court! The FCC was overreaching and spending tax dollars on something that was so ridiculous it wasn't even funny! Do you really think Janet Jackson exposed herself on purpose?
from the Christian Science Monitor

Silk Summary:

Look, the President says that the GOP is out of touch that they are elites. When I look at the first family and their vacations, their outings, clothes, date nights looks pretty elite from here! How can he think that the American people are going to take serious he comments about caring for the middle class or underclass? Can anyone say with certitude that we are better off? ABC News

Silk Summary:
You may not like Romney or what he stands for but when it comes to the economy he has it all over Obama. The man knows how to make something that was crap profitable. We need that now! Obama has done something no other President in our history has. He ADDED $5 Trillion to our debt in 3 1/2 years! We don't have much to show for that and as most economist and the CBO has said, we are hanging by a thread off a cliff! Fox News story

Silk Summary:
Is everyone satisfied with their cell phone company plans? Either they have good apps and crappy cell service or they have good broadband service [like Sprint] and crappy everything else service! Can we please find an overall decent company who does not promise the moon and delivers rotten apples? Could Verizon be on to something? WSJ On-Line

Silk Summary:
Not all states have the luxury of having oil wells in their back yards but still they have a point! The states and local governments can raise our property taxes anytime they want for any reason so as not to have to be accountable for their own mismanagement of the funds they receive in revenues from residents and businesses. It is the same on the federal level! Have you had enough yet? New York Times story

Silk Summary:
Obama's campaign has been making some really bad mistakes lately! Their miscalculations could cost the campaign voters! Here is another possible faux pas by using the term "Forward". It means we have to forget the really bad job that was done so far and the fact that the economy keeps hanging off this cliff by a toenail! Yes, we have to close the door on the past but when the mistakes keep happening we have to find a way to cut our losses! From Politico.com

Silk Summary:
News Flash!
Last year 45 million people collected food stamps-70% increase from 2007.
It has been said that some are collecting to avoid working. What is the government doing to stop the waste, fraud and abuse? Nada! It is getting worse!

Silk Summary:
And back to reality, this is sad! The job #'s will not be upbeat next week! From Boston.com

Silk Summary:
OK...the US Democratic Senate voted down not only the President's budget but 4 more.
If this does not SCREAM we need change I don't know what does! Washinton Times' story

Silk Summary:
What do you think? Should they quit their day jobs? Video from Christian Science Monitor


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